The Baby

Mr. Sugarbears aka Arthur is such a blessing in my life. He is my sweet, rescue dog and a constant reminder that life is wonderful.

Three years ago, I decided my family needed another dog and truth be told, I wanted to find the dog on my own. I searched online with our local shelter sites and immediately felt connected to a couple of them. I secretly set out that Saturday morning to meet these wonderful dogs. I spent four hours taking my time playing with the dogs and getting to know them, but somehow something was missing. I explained to the volunteer that although I loved them all, I needed some alone time to walk around the shelter. If you have ever been to an animal shelter you will understand what I mean when I tell you that every dog seems so eager to meet you. It’s heartbreaking. I finally stumbled upon Mr. Sugarbears. He was in the back of his cage, laying in his own feces and looking miserable. He didn’t care that I wanted to play with him. He didn’t even walk over to meet me. I immediately fell in love. I like a challenge. I had the volunteer bring him out to a play area so we could meet in a better place. It took a few minutes of coaxing him to me, but then something magical happened. He smiled at me and started running around in a circle. I played with him a little more and then signed the papers to adopt him. My life is better for it.

One thought on “The Baby

  1. And Artie is the sweetest, most fantastic dog and I love it when he comes over to visit (and so do the kiddos).

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