The Farmers Market is Back Open!!

Woo Hoo! I don’t know how everyone else is feeling right now, but I am so happy we had a nice weekend. I was so sick of winter weather. Gray skies and cold weather were really getting old.
Our Farmer’s Market opened back up this past Saturday and they had a Food Truck Rodeo with a band! Of course I mass emailed all of my local friends to let them know about it. There was a great turnout and everybody had a great time. I bought beautiful Kale plants to transplant in my yard, locally produced peanuts for my dad, local sausage for the hubs, sweet potatoes for me, homemade dog treats for Mr. Sugarbears and an amazing short rib taco from the Korean BBQ truck. I did a little jig with my niece and enjoyed watching my nephew devour his snow cone.
Once again I am reminded of why community is so important. I loved seeing friends and family all gathered to support our local farmers. We did something good for the community and we gained a lot of great things. Happiness being the most important.

2 thoughts on “The Farmers Market is Back Open!!

  1. That korean BBQ burrito you bought me was fantastic, I need to try and recreate it. Korean BBQ potluck night and post???????

  2. Yes, yes, and yes! We so need to have a Korean BBQ potluck night. Plan please. I may need a little help from Bird on the pot belly cooking, but it’s a challenge I am definitely up to.

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