Making the Most of My Day Off

So every couple of weeks I have a day off during the week to balance working over the weekend. Yesterday was that day and it was 85 degrees. Hallelujah! After spending the morning with Mr. Sugarbears piddling in the backyard I took off on my bike. I met a dear friend and we cruised together to one of our favorite spots downtown. The local Co-op has a great buffet lunch, as well as fresh, ready-made items to eat. We chose the fresh sushi rolls. We cruised through the beautiful downtown neighborhoods appreciating all the glory that spring has bestowed upon us. I love looking at all of the historical homes and gardens. To make it even better, many of those homes were being renovated. It makes me happy to see the old homes being loved. I felt a sense of renewal in so many ways. Life is good.

4 thoughts on “Making the Most of My Day Off

  1. Dude, if you don’t invite me over the next time you make shrimp and grits, it’s over. For real. over.
    Also, it’s cool, because I can bake and we make a nice pair. But that pairdom is over per the previous comment unless I get my dang shrimp and grits.

  2. Also, I think we all need to know where Coco got her bike basket. That thing wants me to go on a bike ride with a Laura Ashley dress and buy fresh flowers and a baguet. Or film a Taylor Swift video with red lipstick on.

  3. Your replies alone make my day brighter. Tee hee. And for real…Coco has the best bike basket. I totally felt jealous of it and made her carry my water bottle in it. 🙂

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