An Elegant California Cab

Yummy. I met some of my friends last night at Cork and Cow. It’s another great, local wine shop. It’s nice because you can choose your wine from the wine shop and just pay a corkage fee. They don’t have the astronomical price points that a restaurant would have on the wine. They also have charcuterie and cheese plates. Oh yeah, and some yummy flat breads. I love the pineapple, proscuitto and manchego flat bread.
The owner is Michelle. She opened this store after years of being a wine rep and dreaming of opening this store. She is super knowledgeable and passionate about her wines. Last night they were sold out of my favorite wine, but in true great sommelier style, Michelle led me to this great Cabernet. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this selection. So much so, our table ordered a second one. It was a great night with amazing friends. My cup runneth over.

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