I guess we’ve become spoiled after having life so easy for so long. I mean, my grandparents who lived through the recession appreciated everything they had. They had stockpiles of gallon sized peaches and green beans in their closets. They were well prepared in case of another state of recession. I think we are all still trying to adjust to the lack of “good jobs” today. I grew up with a family that was frugal and we took care of our things, too. I can still remember Dad pulling out his personal shoe polishing kit on Saturday night to get his shoes ready for Sunday’s church service. 
Somehow when I got out on my own and started making my own money, I forgot about those lessons.  Or maybe I just rebelled against them.  I eat out a little too much and I have certainly fell victim to the materialistic wants that are so rampant in our society.  I will not admit to you how many pairs of Tory Burch shoes and Kate Spade purses I own.  What  I will admit  to is a strong desire to get back to a simpler way of living.  It’s more important for me to enjoy life and have less things than it is for me to work more to have them.  I’m just sorry that it took me so long to figure it out.  Someone will always have more than I do and someone will always have less.  What’s most important is lovin’ what you got.  


5 thoughts on “Lovin’ What Ya’ Got

  1. You speak the truth, too often I forget how lucky I am and fall into the trap of wanting more, newer and better. So a toast to you for this post, I think I’ll go home tonight and spend some time in my closet, sewing on buttons, repairing hems and remembering that things are not disposable, they are repairable.

  2. I think more of us are now realizing the same! I am trying to instill it in the few teenagers that I have a little influence with. ‘Things’ are so much less important these days! Value the priceless things like dear friends! 😉

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