Suja Cleanse Weekend With My Sister

My sister and I decided about a month ago to take a three day weekend together off and try a detox cleanse together. We are officially one day into the cleanse. We stopped last night in Raleigh on our way down to have our final “pre-cleanse” dinner. We ate at ShabaShabu. Our server, Willow was super sweet and took wonderful care of the poor two ladies who had to drink water and watch our calories in a sushi restaurant. It seemed so very wrong. We decided to share a plate of spicy tuna, Hamachi and regular tuna rolls. I started with the seaweed salad and she had the miso soup. It was really, really good. The aesthetics of the restaurant was perfect. I shamefully cannot remember all of the details as I thought I would. I blame it on the lack of caffeine and “real food” today. I can without a doubt say I’d recommend the place, so go, and ask for Willow.
So this morning we woke up early and started with a warm glass of water with a shot of organic apple-cider vinegar. It was a little harsh for me, but I think it will be better tomorrow…I hope. We started with our first juice which was a little more “celery” tasting than I was expecting, but it wasn’t so bad. I guess the name “Glow” had me expecting something different. We packed a cooler with Smart waters and our next two juices and took off to Indian Beach where we had a spa appointment. We got there early so we could use the spa amenities, like the sauna and steam room. We then put on our spa robes and waited for our appointments to begin. We were met with awesome ladies serving us decaffeinated tea and scrubbing our feet. Ahhhh-Mazing!! I chose to have a detox wrap with the Vichy rain in the wet room. Let me just say that Robin is amazing at her job. Between the cleanse juices and the detox wrap I feel skinnier already. My head hurts a little from the caffeine withdrawal, but not so bad that it would keep me from doing this again. Maybe twice a year? Who knows, it’s only day one and I may feel completely different tomorrow night. For now, I am going to cozy up with my sister and Netflix a movie. It’s 7:20 pm on a Friday night and we are tired. Our bodies have been hard at work detoxifying themselves. There’s a lot of wine and cheese that is consumed in my body. It needs this break. I needed this break and I needed to spend some quality time with my sister. She makes me happy and I am so thankful to have her. Day one success.

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