My sister and I just returned from a 3 day cleanse weekend.  Wow.  We have both been trying to lose weight and have been at a stand still with our weight loss.  Instead of regressing and eating a pizza from the frustration, we decided to try a juice cleanse.  How bad could it be?  It’s really good for your body anyway.  So we started researching cleanses.  One of my favorite bloggers is Ali Ebright.  I followed her 3 day cleanse adventure first on Instagram and then read her review a week later at her website  It convinced me to try the same cleanse.  I sent my sister the review link first and then we researched a little more.  We finally agreed to try the Suja Juice Cleanse.  We each took a vacation day on Friday so we would have a good three days to be completely self involved.  

We started with a pre-cleanse two days prior.  This consists of cutting out dairy, caffeine, meat, and flour.  It’s pretty much everything. I was pretty good on my pre-cleanse.  I only had a few indiscretions.  For instance our last dinner had a little rice in it and I snuck in a diet coke on the day before.  Overall, I felt really good about my commitment to the pre-cleanse.

We decided to spend the three days at our family beach cottage so we would have less temptation around us.  Thursday night I was ready to go. I picked my sister up around 6 and we took off for the beach.  We stopped in Raleigh at ShabuShabu for our last pre-cleanse dinner.  It is now a place I will crave.  We decided to share two tuna rolls and two pieces of Hamachi for dinner.  I really enjoyed my seaweed salad, too.  Drinking the lemon water and avoiding the expansive wine and martini list was very uncharacteristic for both of us.  Our server, Willow was so wonderful.  She enhanced the experience even further.  We’ll be back and next time I am adding a crunchy roll and a big martini.  It was really late when we got to the cottage and we basically unpacked the car and crawled into our beds. 

Friday-Day 1

7:30  Wake up and have a shot of apple cider vinegar with warm water-(wow, harsh)

8:00  Have a lovely glass of warm water with lemon

8:30  Grab the first juice and go for a walk.  (Has a lot of celery in it-I can do this)

9:30  Back from walk and I feel tired.  We pack a bag for the spa we have decided to go to.  Our plan is to have a spa treatment each day and use the spa amenities to keep our minds busy.

10:30  We grab our next juice and pack a few more with lots of Smart waters.  We are an hour early for our treatments so we can enjoy the steam room and sauna.  I feel totally relaxed and happy.

12:00  I am going in for the Indian Passage detox wrap.  I cannot tell you enough how amazing this experience was, I have had wraps before, but nothing like this.  

1:30  My treatment is done and I feel the cleanest I have ever felt in my life.  I meet my sister in the waiting room and we grab our bags and drive over to the beach.  We decide to take a 3 mile walk on the beach and have our next juice.  

3:30  We are back at the cottage and we both have a little headache-we are sure it is caffeine withdrawals.  We take a couple of ibuprofen and decide to just read a little while.  

5:30  We decide to go on another little walk.  It is not as long as we would have liked since my combo of the detox wrap and juice cleanse requires I pee every 30 minutes now.

7:30  We are so very tired and decide to Netflix a movie and have our last juice of the day together.  The movie ended and I went to bed around 9:30 on a Friday night, yep.  

Day 2

7:30  Wake up and have more vinegar shots and decide I must take my warm lemon water back to bed with me and read a little while.  I feel very tired.

9:00  We are both, luckily on the same page and decide to skip our walk and be lazy and just drink our juices. I drew a bath with citrus and lavender salts to ease me into the day.  It was just what I needed.  We follow with Kelly’s glam mud mask.  

10:30 Driving to the spa and we have our juices packed.  We both notice that we feel really good.  We feel energized. Yay.

11:00 We are at the spa and decide to get in the outdoor jacuzzi for a little while and enjoy our juice.  It was a great choice.

12:00 I am being escorted into the wet room for a seaweed detox wrap.  I feel a little nervous about holding my pee for an hour and a half while being sprayed with water, but I am also excited.  Megan was my wellness provider and we had a great talk while she coated me in seaweed.  She also rubbed coconut oil into my hair and massaged my head.  It was luxurious and I didn’t pee on myself.  Yay.  I think she gave me a little extra attention since she knew my sister and I were cleansing.  She had also done a 3 day cleanse and knew the ins and outs of it.  

1:30  I meet my sister in the lounge and we decide to have our juice in the sauna and talk about our fabulous wellness providers.  My sister had Janet both days and I had Robyn on Friday and Meghan on Saturday.  We were at the OC spa in Indian Beach and it was great.  The ladies were excited for us about our cleanse and told us about an event being held in Emerald Isle that night that they thought would work nicely with our cleanse weekend, The Singing Bowls performance.  I guess most people would ask more questions, but my sister and I were just winging it in public all weekend.  We had no idea what the Singing Bowls was other than it cost 10.00 and it was good for our bodies.  

3:00  We decide to cover our feet in coconut oil and take another long walk on the beach. We somehow ended up drinking two juices within 30 minutes of each other by accident.  We blame it on the lack of caffeine.  We did not feel our brightest at this point.  We picked up some movies and went back to the cottage.  After we watched the first movie we decided to put on “real clothes” and get ready for the Singing Bowls performance.

6:30 Driving to Emerald Isle with our juice in hand.  When we arrive we are greeted by Bright Walker.  She is the performer.  I see yoga mats, blankets and lots of Tibetan bowls and gongs.  I am thinking that I am dressed inappropriately in my maxi dress for yoga.  Oops, I ask Bright if we are going to do yoga?  She explains that no, we will grab a yoga mat, blanket and pillow and relax on the mats while the soothing tones of the bowls flow through our senses.  What?  Cool, I am in.  Throughout the class there were a lot of people snoring and it was extremely relaxing.  It was just what we needed.  We went home and watched a movie and went to bed after.

Day 3

7:30  Turn off my alarm and fight with my pillow.  I want to eat and I want a Diet Coke.  I am having a quiet tantrum.  

8:30 We are both having our shot of cider vinegar and we  are luckily both feeling the same way, so I don’t feel like such a butthead.  We decide to go on a nice walk.  It was the right thing to do.  When we return the sun is out but pretty windy.  We put on our bathers and wrap up in shawls on the porch.  I just want a little sun on my face. 

1:30  Take a shower and pack the car and have a freaking juice.  It’s good for me.  It’s time to go home, boo.  I am excited to see my family and be mostly done with the cleanse.  

4:30  Stop at Trader Joe’s to pick up yummies for our post cleanse.  It’s not like you can jump into Diet Cokes and pizza after 5 days of good nutrition.  

6:10  Drop my sister off and head home.

6:20  I am greeted by a very excited Mr. Sugarbears and B.  Yay, I am home and I am hungry.  2 more juices to go.  I can do this.  

8:30  Drinking my last juice and feeling mixed emotions.  It’s probably just because I want some dark chocolate and I can’t have it.  I suck it up.

Monday morning-Post Cleanse begins.  So happy.  I lost 4.6 pounds and my hair and skin look great!  I pack my water and yogurt in my bag and set off for work.  Although the yogurt was technically not approved on the post cleanse since it’s dairy, I ate it anyway.  It was the best thing I have ever eaten in my life.  I can’t wait for my salad at lunch today. My sister has invited me to join her for dinner tonight.  She’s making me quinoa burgers.  Yummy!  How do I feel about my 3 day Suja cleanse now?  Fantastic!  We think twice a year is doable.  One pre-summer and one in the fall sounds good. I feel lighter, happier and refreshed and it’s Monday?!?.!  

P.S.  My sister rocks!  It’s definitely easier with a friend and worth it!Image



9 thoughts on “My Super Hippie Chic Weekend

    1. We are both feeling amazing. Thank you again for the wonderful blog post. It really helped us make the decision to do it. We are both so thankful we did. Have a fantastic day!

  1. I like the detail- And, you’re both amazing! Now, what about these bowls and snoring? Sounds like my kind of night out:) I’m for reals.

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