Earth Day and Quinoa Burgers

So yesterday I thought I would plant a tree, start a new garden…do something really great for Earth Day. Other than watering my plants and eating meatless I really didn’t follow through. I promise to make up for it over the weekend.
To be honest this post cleanse is still making me tired. I am very happy with the results of the cleanse, but I am still going through caffeine withdrawals. This means getting to work, taking a shower and taking care of Mr. Sugarbears is about all I can handle right now. Luckily, my sister, who is also post cleansing feels my pain and invited me to join her family for dinner last night. The wonderful man she married was a sous chef while he was in graduate school and puts us all to shame in the kitchen. He made amazing Quinoa burgers last night. I love spicy and they had lots of Sriracha in them and I added a little more. They were fantastic! It also gave me a nice chance to kiss and love on my amazing niece and nephew. On my way out of their house last night my sister handed me a tupperware with leftovers. Yay! It’s like a ferris wheel of happiness for me right now! So excited to have quinoa burgers again for lunch today! And this weekend I am planting a tree. I hope everyone has an amazing day!

4 thoughts on “Earth Day and Quinoa Burgers

  1. They were fantastic, I’m looking forward to having some sweet potato ravioli over salad tonight too:)

    1. You should do it. I have no will power and it wasn’t easy, but I am so happy I did it. I am still in shock that I haven’t caved and had a big glass of wine or a coke. 🙂

  2. ps, the trader joe’s sweet potato ravioli was crazy good too. we put a buerre blanc with it over arugula.

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