The Magnificent Maggie

One of my dearest friends is out on sick leave right now recovering from surgery on her rotator cuff. We work together and work just isn’t the same without her. I made plans to visit her last night and asked if I could bring her food and she declined. I decided a little bottle of Grey Goose and Salted chocolates would be appropriate. It’s not a meal to some people, but it counts, right? Life is all about choices.
When I got to her house last night I was greeted by her precious new family member, Maggie. Maggie is her rescue dog that she has had for a couple of months. Maggie has already made it clear that she is the dominant one in the house. The living room is covered in dog treats and toys. She is a cuddler, too. I love a cuddly dog. She’s already spoiled rotten and that’s how I believe animals and children should be treated. It was nice to see my friend and nicer to see that she is healing. I miss her.
I love that she has a rescue dog and is raising him like her child. It’s how I treat my Mr. Sugarbears. It’s just one more reason why I love my friend. Happy Day everyone. Keep smiling and wagging your tails. Maybe you’ll be rewarded for it. đŸ™‚

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