Jerry Was A Race Car Driver

Last Thanksgiving, my family was wallowing in my sister’s den after some gluttonous behavior, when someone brought up bucket lists. My brother asked my dad what was on his bucket list and he surprised us all by saying that he wanted to drive the track at NASCAR. My brother snuck upstairs and found a coupon and we all chipped in to give it to him for Christmas. It’s sad, but dad always gets the boring gift every year, like a Lowe’s gift certificate. He’s impossible to buy anything for, so buying this for him made us all extremely happy.
After months of anticipation, we were finally able to all go together Saturday and spend the day at the speedway. It was so cool. Watching NASCAR had never interested me before. Even though the speedway is only a couple of hours away, I had never been before. I picked up mom and dad at nine am and my sister’s family followed us there. Dad was taken away for a couple of hours of class while we all tailgated and watched the other drivers. Finally, it was dad’s turn. After taking pictures of dad getting in the car and taking off, we all ran up to a platform that would give us a better view of his race. When he finished, I quietly thanked God he was okay and then we all ran back down to meet him. He was the happiest I can ever remember seeing him. There’s something to be said about fulfilling your dreams and driving 143 miles per hour. We should all be more conscientious of our dreams and work on making them come true. What are your dreams?

9 thoughts on “Jerry Was A Race Car Driver

  1. Yay daddy! I’m sooo glad we all went so we could watch him, it’s the perfect gift for anybody who loves nascar or just driving fast.

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