For The Love Of Humanity

Last night was the ACSL annual Spring Fundraiser. The league is a voluntary organization of women who want to make a difference in the community. My sister is a member and I try to support them as much as possible. Last year the League gave more than 24,000 dollars to our community, as well as 4,000 plus service hours. These ladies rock.
The fundraiser was great last night. Many people in our community really came through for the auction. My local wine buddy who owns the Cork and Cow donated a 3 month wine club membership. Thanks Michelle! So sad I didn’t win that. One of my personal favorite photographers donated an amazing photograph that thank goodness I did win! Thank you Steve Exum photography for your talent and your donation! My sweet friend Jocelyn Drye donated one of her fabulous Journey Lockets, too. It is always so nice to see the outpouring of support the League receives through donations and sponsorship. The Mason Lovette Band played, as well as Willie Fisher. Super Duper Fun!! And the Creme de la creme was the Creme Brulee station. Yes please, I would like the Kahlua creme brulee. Yummy! The theme was a Magical night that also meant we had a Tarot card reader and a magician. They were a big hit like the League ladies. Michelle Smith, the president, Melissa Wade, the chair for the event, and Tara Hackman who was in charge of the auction were so great! I am in awe of these ladies. Reminds me that we can all do more in our communities. Do something nice or kind today for someone in your neighborhood and let me know how you feel afterwards. It will make you happy. Trust me.

6 thoughts on “For The Love Of Humanity

  1. I can’t wait to get the final numbers, I really think it was a success! You did such a great job on the decorations, you need a post just on that!

  2. I bid on the Cork and Cow gift card too! hahah! Well, we got the price up for someone else 🙂 Such a fun night!

  3. I bid on it too! Dang it, who got it! I guess we’ll just have to keep paying the old fashioned way, with our credit cards…

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