Loving Food At Forty

It’s such a struggle to keep my weight at a decent place and love food. I never thought I would be someone who struggled with food choices and making good exercise choices, but I am. I find myself checking my scales daily to see what damage has been done from my prior night of drinking or eating. It’s crazy. I love food. I love rich, decadent meals. Cheese is so freaking yummy and so is wine. So, I have finally found a good balance for me and it takes some work, but still allows me to live my life and live it healthy. I worked all day Saturday and felt like I had been pretty good the week before, so when my sweet friends invited us to join them at an Indian restaurant that I had never been to before….I said “heck yes, we would love to go” So when I got off of work, I raced home, showered and put on a forgiving dress so I could enjoy the decadence of Indian food. We met them at a restaurant called Saffrons in Greensboro. It was fabulous. I went for the second piece of Naan, just because it may have been the best Naan I have ever eaten. I normally stick to the Chicken Tikka Masala because the flavors are just the best to me, but I ventured out when I heard the hubs order it. I figured I could have some of his to get my fix. I tried the Chicken Coconut and it did not disappoint. We also shared a great vegetable appetizer plate that had yummy samosas, fried cauliflower, and something with fried lentils that blew my mind. Yummy! It was a great meal with wonderful company and I did not feel guilty at all. Even when I downed a big Magic Hat #9 beer with it. What I have found is that if I deny myself all of the awesome food that I love, I will never make it. I end up over indulging eventually. It’s just harder at 40 if you do it all of the time, so I don’t. But when I do, I am Oh So Happy! Give yourself permission to try something new and decadent this week. You won’t regret it. Just take a little walk or run later and you’ll be okay.

7 thoughts on “Loving Food At Forty

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! We loved being with you and Bryan!! I’ve got another one for us to try next in the triangle! Great reviews! Mwah!

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