Wine and Classes

I love going to the mailbox and finding a new magazine! One of my favorites is the Wine Enthusiast. They have great articles on grape varieties, all types of wines, vineyards, and food pairings. This month they have an article on the top 40 under 40 Best and Brightest wine aficionado’s. As I happily read through the article and checked out each person’s awesome outfits and jewelry, I also was checking out their locations. I came across 2 listed in NC. What?? I just about fell off of my sofa. I am used to seeing, California and New York, but North Carolina…where I live!!??!! Okay, this is worthy of a blog post. Philip Rubin and Phillip Zucchino of the Wine Feed in Raleigh are among the honored. Woo Hoo!
This place looks amazing. Tonight they are having a “Wine & Charcuterie pairing Class” So sad I can’t make it to this one. 😦 Their next class is May 30th and is teaching about Sauvignon Blanc. I shall try to make that one happen. What is really interesting about their website for me is that they have a specific area devoted to food pairings. I love this! You can choose the type of food you are planning to prepare and it will offer you a multitude of suggestions with all types of price points. (thank you) It’s just really well done and I am so glad that the Wine Enthusiast magazine pointed this out to me. The Wine Feed is a new, great resource for me and a place that I will put on my list to visit. Doesn’t this sound great? It does to me. It really gets my mind racing about all of the new recipes and wine selections that I might now try! Check their site out at . You’ll be happy you did. I sure am! Cheers everyone!

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