Lower Your Blood Pressure, Love Your Pet

I am pretty sure everyone knows by now that I love dogs, especially Mr. Sugarbears. It’s amazing to me the calming effect he has on me. I love the unconditional love that I receive every time I walk in the door to my house. You would think I had been gone for years for the greeting I receive. He’s just the best.
Last night, as my husband and I were laying in bed, Mr. Sugarbears got right in between us, letting us know he needed a little extra attention. As we talked to him and gave him a few rubs, I could feel all three of us calming. It’s a nice way to go to sleep. Other than I may need a bigger bed.
Studies have shown that owning pets can lower your blood pressure and anxiety levels, so it’s just one more reason to have a pet. One done by the state university of New York in Buffalo studied 48 stockbrokers with high blood pressure. They were all on blood pressure medication. Half of the group was given a pet for their home and after 6 months, that group had a lower resting systolic number when put in a stressful situation. Adopt a pet and make your health and life better. I did!

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