My brother-in-law spent 8 years working under some of the finest chefs in Massachusetts and North Carolina. Some of that was while he was in graduate school and some of that was while my sister was in graduate school. I am very thankful that he had this experience. I was the girl in college that waited tables, so I learned a different set of skills. (Putting up with people who really don’t want to be nice) I am thankful for my experience, too. It’s good to learn humility-for real. Anyway, I feel like I am getting off topic. My point was that my brother is an excellent cook. We have quite a few friends that love to cook and try new things, so we have a potluck group. Last night, instead of all of us bringing different things, we learned to roll sushi. We all brought our mats and my brother bought the fish and instructed us.
A few important things-
-a rice cooker is essential
-use sushi rice
-sushi grade fish-most important
We had the best time making spicy tuna rolls and salmon rolls. Some of the kids had a chance to roll and did just as good as any of the adults. It was super fun and really yummy! It’s a really fun thing to do with friends. We also drank our fair share of Sake. Yummy. Thanks Freebird for the sushi class! You rock! I love to cook and learning new skills is always fun to me. Especially these skills.
What have you learned lately? I am still struggling with Windows 8. Boo. I will not let it get me down! Happy Saturday everyone! Make the best of it and be happy!

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