The Outcast

Tuesdays always seem to scream “Drink Wine” to me. I find myself gravitating towards Cork and Cow when I can make it happen. One of my colleagues joined me last night. He normally drinks a petit syrah. It’s a little bolder than what I normally choose to drink, but it’s hard for me to turn down any red wine.
I introduced the owner, Michelle and told her about my colleagues preferred wine tastes. She gave us a few options at different price points. We chose the bottle of Outcast. It had a nice price point of 21.99 for a bottle. This wine is medium bodied. It has chocolatey notes with hints of blackberry jam. YUMMY!! We paired it with lots of stinky cheese and prosciutto. Once again, Michelle has led me to a great wine. After a day stuck inside, it was extremely pleasant to sit on a patio with a good bottle of wine, stinky cheese and good conversation. This weather is making me happy! Drink Wine. Eat Stinky Cheese. Be Happy! Happy Hump Day everyone!

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