Hugs and Luvs

For years I have used “Hugs and Luvs” as my valediction. Rarely do I send a friend an email without that sign-off. Sadly, it is not appropriate to sign-off my work emails that way, but wouldn’t it be cool if we lived in that kind of world. Imagine greeting your boss with a big hug or the stranger in line with you at the store. Okay, I know I would most likely be arrested if I acted like that with strangers, but you see where I am going with it, right? I am a hugger. I realize that it’s not for everyone, but I love giving and receiving them. There’s something so amazing about the feeling a hug gives you. To me it’s like smiling. (this is more appropriate with strangers) It’s important to share kindness in the world. We all have tough days and you never know when your smile or hug is just what someone needs to make their day better. I know it always makes my day better. Have you hugged someone today? You should. Happy Friday.

8 thoughts on “Hugs and Luvs

  1. I can’t help but find people who say, “I’m not a hugger” suspicious. Who doesn’t like hugs? Unless it is from a Cobra or a creepy stranger, but other than that, lurve me some hugs.

  2. Mrs. Shannon Gooding’s…”hugs and luvs”…who could forget that?!? Always loved your hugs..they always brightened my day! xoxo

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