Fresh, Local and Yummy

This weekend was so busy that I felt I did not say enough about my Saturday morning in Greensboro. My brother-in-law had us meet his close friend from work at his local farmer’s market after the race. His friend lives in the coolest neighborhood. This market was not the big farmer’s market in Greensboro, it was a neighborhood market in the parking lot of a fantastic restaurant called Sticks and Stones.
Since we had just finished the 5K, we were all starving and decided we would eat a late breakfast at Sticks and Stones. This place was amazing! They have only recently started serving breakfast and it did not disappoint. I had a biscuit, local sausage, sweet potato hash-browns and a sunny-side up egg. It was awesome. Especially since I am used to eating cereal or a Luna bar for breakfast. This restaurant practices sustainability and organic operation. They use free-range, grass-fed beef and pasture-raised hogs from Bradd’s Family Farm in Climax, NC. Their fresh milk, cream, and butter is all free of hormones and antibiotics and is from Homeland Creamery in Julian, NC. The goat cheese is from the Goat Lady Dairy in Climax, NC. They even donate the recycling money to a deserving local charity every month. They are known for their pizza and I will be back to try it one day, hopefully.
The small farmer’s market in the parking lot was pretty awesome, too. I bought some great herbs from Elam Gardens stand. I killed my “hard to kill” chocolate mint last year and was happy to replace it. I will be extra good to it this year. Calico Farmstead Cheese Company was also there selling their fabulous jalapeno skillet cheese and pineapple goats cheese spread. Yummy! It was just a great little morning out. If you find yourself in Greensboro, NC, stop by Sticks and Stones for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a great beer. Shop local. It’s better for everyone. Happy Monday!

5 thoughts on “Fresh, Local and Yummy

  1. How far is Greensboro from Raleigh? I have to be in Raleigh for a Rotary thing May 30 and 31. Wish I could stay over to Saturday and hit this awesome sounding market.

    1. A little far-over an hour and a half. But, my sister and I were considering going to the Wine Feed in Raleigh on May 30th. They are having a class on Sauvignon Blanc that night. Let me know if you want to meet up. 🙂 Raleigh has amazing farmers markets, but they are only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The NC State Museum of Art in Raleigh is fabulous. You should definitely make a plan to stop there. If you want any restaurant suggestions, just let me know what your favorite types of food are and I will send you some choices. Hugs!

      1. I looked at the Wine Feed class. I have to be at a dinner at the Hilton North Raleigh at 7 the night of the 30th. (Ick Rotary food. I’d rather go with you to the wine class, but duty……) So, if you and your sister come to the class, would you be available to meet up somewhere before, say at 6? I will have a window between 5 and 7 to sneak away, if that would work for you. I’d love to meet you. You’re welcome to email me at the address that shows up with my comments if you’d rather take the discussion off the blog.

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