The Snowflake Princess

Last night was my niece’s dance recital. It was absolutely adorable. We filled a row with two grandmothers, a godfather, an aunt and uncle, a brother and parents. We watched toddlers around 2 years old trying out their ballet moves up to the teenagers who really knew what they were doing. It was impressive to watch all of the ages coordinated on a stage in a 30 minute show.
Afterwards we all went to Mosca’s for dinner. Most of the group ate calzone’s and they were awesome. They are family friendly and affordable. Most importantly, you can get a beer there.
It’s so important to be present in your friends and families lives. The look on my niece’s face when she saw all of us waiting for her after the recital was priceless. Those moments are just as special to me. Be present for your family, your friends and your life. It’s so worth it.

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