Celebrate Life
Memorial day weekend has always meant being at the family cottage together. This year I had to work on Saturday, but the hubs was willing to wait to take off until Saturday afternoon. Thanks B. We arrived at the cottage around 8pm on Saturday night and were able to drop off the dog and still make it to our favorite restaurant at the beach. We only had a 20 minute wait and while waiting we were able to enjoy the wonderful sounds of a great singer/guitarist. As well, we were able to enjoy a good beer during the wait. Once we were seated we had an incredible meal. We both settled on the special, the Grouper Oscar over mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus. It was amazing.
We woke Sunday morning and decided to get an early start by putting the boat in the water, even though the weather was not awesome. We soon found out that the boat was not quite ready for the season to start and loaded her back on the trailer so we could access her sickness. Sadly, she will need a little extra attention and will not be able to run this weekend, but we still enjoyed our day. I spent most of my day cuddling a great book on the deck in the sun while the men putzed around. Late afternoon the hubs and I decided to go out for dinner and once again we were not disappointed. This time I had the Mahi Mahi special blackened with a jalapeno sauce over toasted quinoa, a couscous blend, roasted tomatoes and cotija cheese and black beans. Ridiculously yummy and not so bad for me-Score.
Tonight I sit by a bonfire drinking a Leinenkugel beer and talking with my favorite men in the world and relishing every minute of it. I am a blessed lady for sure. One more day to go before the real world kicks back in. In the meantime I will be thanking my lucky stars for the blessings in my life and drinking a cold one. Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone. Cheers!

One thought on “Sun, Fun and Food

  1. Glad you had a great weekend. It was awfully cold and miserable here but I caught up on my sleep. Today the sun came out but when I was ready to grill all the goodies I had marinated, we had no gas!!! Too funny. Oh well.

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