My adorable sister and brother-in-law hosted their first block party yesterday to celebrate the holiday. For anyone who might not understand what a block party is, it’s when you invite everyone in your neighborhood over to your home and everyone brings a covered dish. Block parties are a lot of fun. My grandparents used to host one every year and my grandfather would make homemade ice-cream. I love trying out all the food. Among the selections were the normal party fare, such as hot-dogs, baked beans, fried chicken, potato salad, lots of desserts and my favorite, a fresh keg in the kegerator full of Natty Greene’s beer.
The kids and adults played corn hole and basketball. A few guitars joined the party, too. We met some new people and everyone truly seemed to be happy to be there. Good times. I am not sure I am ready to have my own block party, but the thought behind it is really beautiful. Just like my brother-in-law and sister.

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