The Town Table

Yesterday was a little tough at work for me and the hubs. We both felt like we had the blahs when we got home. We decided to go grab a bite to eat together and bypass cooking. We went to The Town Table in Elon. B got his normal fish tacos and I went for the blackened tuna burger with sweet potato waffle fries. It was amazing and perfectly cooked with a great homemade remoulade sauce that was to die for. Yummy! Of course, I had to try a flight of beer there, too. It was yummy, also.
After dinner we went home and played with Mr. Sugarbears a little in the yard and did a little “catch-up cleaning” and went to bed early. It’s funny how you can get rid of the blahs if you just focus on a few things you need to get done. You feel so much better to have something off of your “to-do” list. Happy Wednesday everyone. Knock out one of the things you have been putting off today and see how well you sleep tonight. 🙂

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