For the Love of Cheese

My sister and I went to Whole Foods on Sunday to pick up another supply of Suja juice. Of course, we had to take a look at the cheese selection while we were there. They had a bin of small pieces of amazing cheese all priced under 4.00. We both thought this was a brilliant idea and had to share. My husband has never been the kind of man to want to sit around and drink wine and nibble on cheese and I find myself throwing out a lot of cheese that has gone bad. Don’t get me wrong, I make a good effort to eat the cheese I bring into my home, but inevitably I fail at finishing it before it has passed its date. It’s like the milk at my house. My husband has to drink the full fat, red topped milk and I can’t drink it, so my milk normally goes bad before I finish it too. Anyway, I digress…my point was that this cheese selection would be perfect for me and lots of people who just want a little bit of cheese and a selection of it. Whole Foods just rocks! I also located some amazing salmon caviar while I was in there and I bought two pre-made Mahi Mahi burgers and took them home to grill. They were delicious! Check out a local Whole Foods store. You will not be disappointed. And as always…Have a wonderful day!

4 thoughts on “For the Love of Cheese

  1. Shannon, were the Mahi Mahi burgers frozen or in the fresh deli section? Sound delish and always looking for low fat easy meals for summer.

    1. They were in the seafood department, vacuum packed and frozen fresh. They were ready to cook by the time I got home. You guys will love them! They had just enough kick to them, also. Mwah!

  2. Shannon, you need to come visit us. We could make a whole meal out of cheese. We often do. (Being married to a man from Wisconsin does have its perks……..and fattening excesses…….)

    I totally agree about Whole Foods, too. I always find an interesting slice (or several) of something I’ve not seen.

    1. That would be lovely! I have the restaurant Fig in Charleston of places I want to eat. Hopefully I can get there in the near future. I will bring the wine. 🙂

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