Our Sanctuary

Sometimes we all need to recharge. If you read my blog already, then you know how hard I try to stay balanced. Life is fun and life is hard. It is so important to make time for happiness. Like most people, I work all the time and find myself feeling slow and heavy when I get in my car to go home at night. Sometimes I just want to crawl on my sofa as soon as I get home and just chill out. And sometimes I do, but I can’t imagine allowing myself to do that all the time. What a life that would be. Life is about the choices we make.
I push myself to say yes to as much as possible. Yeah, I am tired a lot, but being with people and helping people makes your life better. (or so I think) I feel so blessed to have such amazing friends and family. I just want to enjoy them because they are such a precious gift.
Last week after my latest detox cleanse, I still felt slow and sluggish. Boo. I needed a little more charging myself, so I went to the cottage. Our family has a place on the water that we call our sanctuary. It has been in our family forever. The weather called for storms all weekend. My husband and I went anyway. It stormed alright, at night. It was the best sleep we have had in a long time. I love the sound of a storm over the water. We also had an amazing breeze that allowed us to keep the doors and windows open the whole weekend. I stared at the water, read a little, did some house projects, went out to eat, walked around and totally recharged myself. Hello world. If you are having a hard time feeling your joy, take a step back from life and allow yourself time to recharge, because life is a beautiful gift that needs to be enjoyed.

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