Art By The Sea
During my brief respite this past weekend we stumbled upon “Art By The Sea” in downtown Swansboro. We were simply just going to breakfast when we first noticed that the roads were blocked off. I immediately felt a tingle in my brain and wallet. Yay!!!! Street Vendors!!!! I love walking through a downtown area and checking out all the local craftsman. I ending up purchasing a fantastic whale carved out of an old piece of wood. It found a place on the wall in my room at the cottage before I left to go home. It was meant to be there.
The weekend was extra special because of this small festival. We were able to listen to music while looking at the water which is always the best! I ate grouper with a strawberry and chipotle compote, a pistachio cake, and She-Crab soup, but not in that order. 🙂 It was a wonderful weekend and today is hump day which means we are half way through to the next weekend. Speaking of…has everyone sent their daddy a card out yet? It’s Father’s Day this Sunday. Don’t forget to spread your sunshine today. It’s Wednesday! Have a wonderful day!

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