Sandy Britches and Good Beer

The hubs and I joined some of our wonderful friends in Holden Beach last weekend and had a blast. The beach is beautiful and clean. Mr. Sugarbears was able to run after sea gulls and chase little girls, too. And no, Mr. Sugarbears is not my husband, it’s our dog. Haha. I made Paella one night. Our friend Bill made Fish tacos with Mahi Mahi and grouper another night. We ate Shrimp burgers from a grill that were delicious and us ladies drove into Southport one day for a little shopping and I ate a fantastic shrimp and oyster Po’ Boy. Yummy. I ate a lot of fattening and yummy foods and had a lot of beer and wine, also. I am on a mission to be very good this week to make up for the grease and alcohol consumption. But there is something to be said for just enjoying life and not worrying about calories and fat. The hubs and I feel refreshed. Sometimes just playing on the beach and drinking beer with friends is all we need.

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