Dang it's Hot

So hot. Can’t breathe. I have to do this. That was what was going through my head during last nights 5K run. I am just not a great runner, especially outside. I can run much better in the AC on my treadmill, but racing is exhilarating. I may be addicted to these short races. I just don’t have a lot of “finish lines” in my life right now, and they feel so good. Part of me is always surprised that I have made it to the finish and then after my wine and food tastes so amazing. Everyone looks so happy and everyone is glowing. I was really excited to be a part of the debut of the Esprit de She social fitness time “happy hour”.
One of our good friends Jocelyn Drye of Journey Lockets let us know about the event as one of the sponsors. She had t-shirts made for all of us because she’s cool like that. She had a Journey Lockets booth set up with a few other great booths like Glo Minerals, and the Goat Lady Dairy Farm. We were provided amazing food, wine, beer and champagne after the race at no additional cost. This was definitely a new thing for me. The run was at the Koka Booth amphitheater in Cary and the 3 miles took us around a beautiful lake. Also, the Koka Booth is beautiful. I was lucky to see Ray Lamontagne about a year ago and there’s nothing like it. They even have hammocks there. It’s like watching a band in a beautiful back yard amongst trees. Anyway, I digress…I am just saying Esprit de She has set the bar really high for my 5K standards. I can’t wait for the next one! Now to drink a little water and take a motrin. It’s time to get serious and get to work. Get outside this weekend and enjoy the heat!

6 thoughts on “Dang it’s Hot

      1. I told Maria what was wrong. I got a heartbreaking rejection on Wednesday, and my dad has been in and out of the hospital this week. I don’t write about my writing process on my blog, and I can’t write about how frustrating and upsetting this Dad thing is, or my parents will be mortified. I appreciate your hugs and kind words very much.

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