Mom, Dad and an iPhone

My parents both turn seventy this year. I am so very thankful to have them still around. They live one block away from me. I remember the day my dad asked me if it would be okay for them to move here. He was so serious and so concerned that they would somehow make my life difficult. Okay, I am pretty sure it would not have worked out in my twenties, and maybe even my early thirties. He had a point. I am the difficult child and I am so much like my mother that we often really piss each other off. I was reticent. I quickly embraced him and told him I would love him to live near me. Thank goodness I did and thank goodness he moved here. It has been such a blessing to have them so close. I had no idea. Whereas before I would make the drive to visit and have to stay the night which inevitably would be enough time for me to really upset my mom and myself, now I can stop by for 5 minutes or an hour and have a wonderful visit. It’s not enough time for me to muck it up. With dad’s recent unexpected visit to the critical care unit I was once again reminded of why I am so thankful to live one block away. He’s home and feeling pretty good now. I have set them up with healthy groceries and he’s following most of the rules. Of course yesterday I busted him cruising around in his old Plymouth Fury when he was supposed to be resting, but is it really worth fussing about. No, it’s not. He’s been cooped up too long and needed to get outside. After all, we are the outdoorsy type of family.
As for the picture today, it’s one of many favorite moments. My parents are looking at my iPhone and fascinated by it. Who could blame them? The iPhone is fascinating. I love when I hand my phone over to my dad and he immediately starts flipping through my pictures. He still is open to new technology and still loves to learn. Isn’t that how life should be? When you graduate from high school, college, graduate school and so on it doesn’t mean the time to learn is over. School just teaches you how to learn. Life is continuing education. I myself have a lot to learn. As for now, I would like to hone in my writing skills. It’s been a long time since I have written anything and this blog is reminding me why you should never stop doing things you love. This blog makes me happy and I would like for it to make others happy, too. I will work on my writing and I hope you will continue to read. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Mom, Dad and an iPhone

  1. I love the picture. Papa (My father in Law) is still asking questions about the Galaxy. But I am still asking questions about my Android, so there you have it. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Andra! He is almost at full speed again. We still have more testing to find out what’s really going on, but for now, I am just happy to see his rosy cheeks again. I hope your holiday was awesome!

  2. That is a very cool picture. Nice that your dad isn’t the bah-humbug type when it comes to new technology. (I think Andra should get her dad an iPhone.)

    Does your dad have a cellphone? My dad, age 78, recently got an iPad and loves it. Takes it with him on trips. Other than long writing, I think he finds it much easier to use than the standard computer.

    1. Thanks Michael! Dad is pretty good about technology. He had cell phones and operates with a computer daily, emails included. Mom is a totally different story. πŸ™‚

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