The Fourth with Friends

Luckily the monsoon over the holiday didn’t dampen the spirits of my family and friends. We still had our potluck at the house and the rain subsided long enough for us to display our own sparklers and fireworks in the front yard. It was sad that the city cancelled the big display, but honestly it was fine with us. My house was full of food, people who I love, music and singing, and lots of drinking. It was pretty perfect. It was the kind of night that gives you a reason for those guest rooms. We had everything from potstickers and sautéed peaches wrapped in pancetta to buckets of chicken and it was all very yummy. I don’t often eat anything fried, so the buckets of chicken were very welcome. My favorite was definitely the peaches wrapped in pancetta. I could have eaten a plate of them on their own. We had quite a few musicians in attendance so the music was outstanding. A case of harmonicas was played, many guitars, piano, mandolin and drums, too. It was a perfect night for me and the hubs. Spending time with friends and family and celebrating our freedom was the perfect way to spend the holiday. I am back at work today and need to focus. It’s hard when you have so many good things to think about. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I will be sitting at my desk today with a permagrin and tired eyes, feeling thankful.

10 thoughts on “The Fourth with Friends

    1. It was so good to eat fried chicken. My mom used to make it twice a week minimum growing up. Oh how I miss those days. My insides and outsides just can’t handle it as a regular in my life anymore.

  1. It was the perfect evening!!! Great food, great friends, great music, great hosts. Thank you as always for including us!!! xxoo

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