Birthday Parties

Living close to my sister allows me the privilege of attending most parties and functions that my niece and nephew have each year. My nephew turned 3 last week and yesterday was his birthday party. It was adorable. We have friends that own a bouncy house and they loaned it to my sister for the party. The bouncy house was set up in the backyard. The pinata was moved inside due to the extreme heat, but worked just as great set up in the foyer. The girls disappeared upstairs to Dorothy Gail’s room to play dress up and paint their nails while the boys continued to run, jump and scream. It was a sugary, fun day. Once again I am reminded of why it’s so wonderful to live close to my sister. I thoroughly enjoy living vicariously through her and her family.

5 thoughts on “Birthday Parties

    1. Oh thank you so much for that. I often feel so silly writing my blog when yours is so beautifully written. I do feel really blessed with my family, but I can tell you that I have many more members that I just don’t talk about for a reason. Your MTM sounds a lot like my B, very supportive and wonderful. I look forward to the day we can share a meal and a hug together. 🙂

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