C&D is Awesome

A couple of weeks ago I was enjoying a lovely night downtown with friends. We were enjoying the 4th Friday event downtown. A beautiful store on the corner had caught my eye a couple of weeks prior and I needed an excuse to go in. Luckily, my friend Tim is always open to an idea, so he went in with me. C&D is on the corner of Front and Spring street downtown Burlington and it is really awesome. The staff is really nice, too! Our group joined us as soon as they noticed we had gone in the store and stayed a few minutes.
C&D offers a good selection of affordable beer, wine and market items like milk and cereal. One of the owners, Clarence Gant creates custom log home finishes. There are examples of his work in the store. His craftsmanship is excellent and worth a stop in the store to check it out. We all stayed at C&D for about an hour drinking beer and laughing it up with the owners and other patrons. I will definitely go again. To brag even further, the bathrooms are incredibly clean and comfortable which can be a real asset when you are drinking beer with your friends. Stop by C&D sometime and buy a little something you need. It’s a business worth supporting. Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. And don’t you love the photo bomb in the picture? Love my friends!

4 thoughts on “C&D is Awesome

  1. I love the post and I love the store as well, we should all meet up there one night and have a few beers and wine. They even had a live band last Friday night called “The Haw River Social & Pleasure Club”, they were amazing!!!!!!!! They also have Old Milwaukee beers in there for only $.75, how cool is that? Lol. The owner Mr. Gant is one of the most amazing people that you could meet, he will even sit down, kick back, and have a drink and great conversation with you to give that upbeat to his store! I think we should all go down and show him great support every Friday night!

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