ImageMy book club decided to have a wine and cheese weekend at the lake.  One of our members has a beautiful place at Lake Hyco.  I had never been before and it certainly did not disappoint.  We all took off together Saturday morning in one car with the rain slowly coming down.  With a car full of avid readers, the rain did not hinder our excitement.  We arrived Saturday around 11am and started with a few mimosas.Image

 Two bottles of Prosecco later we had moved on to Rose.



We enjoyed an afternoon of laughing, talking and drinking while enjoying a great view.  As evening started to approach we decided to switch to Cabernet and enjoy the sunset. 



We didn’t stay up too late so we could all retire to our rooms and read.  I was able to finish a book and start a new one.  I think we all had ambitious dreams of reading all weekend, but truly the ladies were just too much fun.  I woke up Sunday morning to a beautiful view of the lake and just read for a while.

ImageMy sister and I decided to get the french press going in the kitchen and take a look at the mess we had left from the day before.  We heated up some raspberry Danish and fixed our coffee with a lot of cream and went out to the porch.  Sunday was beautiful.



We enjoyed a beautiful day on the water and did a little reading, but mainly we continued just laughing.  It was a great way to spend the weekend.  Our hostess was so sweet and her place is perfect.  I love the little place on Bunny Rabbit Hill Road.



7 thoughts on “On Bunny Rabbit Hill

    1. haha-the only way to drink wine…in a large glass. 🙂 It was very hard to leave. We waited until after 5 before even leaving the dock and thinking about packing up. It was worth getting home late.

  1. I love that sight in the first photo. I wish I could get a job that doesn’t require me in a specific office and I would be able to work from a place like that 365 days a year. But I’m not the only one with that wish. 😦

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