Inevitably some days I wake up and I have this feeling of dread for some unknown reason.  Today seems to be fighting me.  The day started pretty normal.  Mr. Sugarbears ate his breakfast and we had a little quiet time outside as usual and thank goodness it was not raining again.  I seemed to get out of the house without a hitch.  Mr. Sugarbears took his treat and didn’t even seem as sad as he normally does when I leave.  Hmmmm, does he know that my karma is off kilter today?  I drove to work with again no incidents, but then I arrived at work and my work emails are full of problems.  I immediately feel a weight on my shoulders that is fighting my happiness.  If only I could take a walk and then hit a restart button.  I am trying right now to give myself an attitude adjustment.  This will be a good day, dang it.  Maybe I am more emotional over my brother-in-law leaving tomorrow for a month in South Africa than I realized.  Tonight I will drink a very nice beer with him and remind him how much I adore him and tell him for the 100th time how proud I am of all of his good work he does in the world.  Yep, that’s what I’ll do and this day is going to be great. He will be safe and fine.  I will harass my sister more than she is probably ready for while he is gone and try to keep her from feeling so sad.  The babies are another story.  How will I help her with helping them understand that daddy is doing good things in the world and that he’ll be back soon.  Okay, my day feels like it’s fighting me when really it’s just that I am fighting down emotions that I didn’t realize were so heavy.  Breathing deep now…in through the mouth….out through the nose.  This day is going to be great!

7 thoughts on “When your Day is Fighting you

  1. Don’t fight your emotions, let them happen! I love that you are putting a positive spin on things that could otherwise seem gloomy. That is the way to go! Only you can choose your own happiness, so choose it! Take care, and have a Happy Happy Tuesday!

  2. Thanks Stinky, I’m having a tough time and your words made me feel better. See you tonight for a drink on the porch!

  3. Shannon, I hope your day ends in a positive way. It’s great that you were able to recognize how much his leaving is affecting you. You are worried for him, for yourself, your sister and your nieces. He sounds like an amazing man and I am sure he will feel better knowing you will be there for his family, in his absence. πŸ™‚

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