Cuddling with Mr. Sugarbears
Sometimes the best way to end the day is just by cuddling with Mr. Sugarbears. Yesterday tried its best to break me, but it did not. I had a lovely glass of white wine with my family last night and a cheese plate for dinner. The cheese plate and hugs from the hubby and the dog made everything better.
Love can really re-charge your life. The hubs has been my rock for over 20 years and my sweet, rescue dog for 4. I know I am blessed to have these loves in my life and I wish it for everyone. If your human companions aren’t giving you the love you need or desire in your life, I highly recommend adopting a pet. Go visit your local shelter and spend some time with the animals. You may find everything you need in one stop. Happy Wednesday everyone! We are half way through to the weekend!

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