I am a huge advocate of natural supplements.  In the early 90’s I worked as a receptionist for a chiropractor and holistic healer.  As a young woman from the BBQ capital of NC, I was in new territory. I remember how excited I would be to go home for the holidays and tell my family and friends all about the ways they could live a healthier life.  At the time, I was a smoker which made me an ideal person to preach good health.  For real.   There are times when doctors need to intervene and prescribe us a dose of something heartier, but mostly I stick to the natural stuff.   If you have read my blog before, you know that I am in a constant state of trying to balance my life.  I love food and although I stay away from almost all fast food and almost all fried food, I still eat plenty of meat, dairy products, and drink loads of wine that can take their toll on me pretty quickly.  My friend Cynthia always jokes about prosciutto cheeks.  We all seem to get a little puffy the next morning from the excessive yummy salt of the glorious cured meat. As well, my job requires 8 hours a day of sitting on my rear end which is pretty bad on me, too.  I try to walk and run as much as possible, but that can easily be thrown off by a good week of fun.  Soooooo….what do you take each day for a healthy life?  Of course, well-balanced nutrition is the best thing to do and of course talking to your healthcare practitioner is the wisest thing to do.  So listen to me with caution.  Anything I suggest should be researched with your healthcare provider to see what amounts work best for you and what areas you may be more deficient in.  

Daily needs-Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E

Vitamin A-This is great for your eye health.  natural sources are sweet potatoes-yummy, cheese, broccoli, liver, cantaloupe and fish oil.Recommended daily dose for women is 2300iu

Vitamin C-This helps heal wounds and fight free radicals. It helps the production of collagen, also.  Natural sources are cranberries, tomatoes, cabbage, cantaloupe, spinach and blueberries. recommended daily dose 75 mg 

Vitamin D-helps your body absorb calcium from foods which is essential for maintaining strong teeth and bones.  Natural sources are from 15 minutes of sunshine, oysters, cream and butter.Recommended daily allowance for women 15 micrograms

Vitamin E-is essential for normal production of red blood cells.  Natural sources are found in asparagus, liver, yams, corn and hazelnuts. Recommended daily allowance for women 22.4iu per day

Many women are iron deficient and I fall into this category.  Doctors recommend 18mg per day, but you should always ask your doctor what is right for you.  It can interfere with medications and you don’t want to take too much of it.  I take 4 drops of liquid kelp in the morning as my natural alternative to iron pills.  I drop it in a shot glass with a little water. If you take over the recommended dosage or just more than your body needs you can cause toxicity in your body, so listen to your body as you start trying new things. In the cooler months, I try to add zinc into the mix. I really should take it year round, but I don’t. I think of it only as an immune booster, but really it functions in eye health, skin health, taste, smell, and cognitive functions. Really, I should take this year round. Recommended daily dose for women is 8mg per day.
Another great need is calcium. Calcium is not only important for bone health, but heart regulation, too. Recommended daily dose for women is 1000mg per day.
Clearly finding a good multivitamin is the easiest thing to do. I have not found one that I would suggest, so I still take a lot of things separately. B vitamins can be essential for women’s health. They can also increase your energy.
B1-helps the body turn carbohydrates into energy
B12-helps the development of red blood cells and helps the functionality of the gastrointestinal tract, the nervous system, and bone marrow.
Early on in my twenties, I took a natural colon cleanser and thought it really helped with my stomach. I ate a lot of fast food in those days and the cleanser helped balance that out. These days, I do a detox cleanse every couple of months. I have tried the Suja cleanse and the Blueprint cleanse which were both awesome for me. Next week I will start mixing in homemade smoothies with chia and flax seeds, so I’ll update everyone on any changes I feel from those. My sweet friend Betsy shared a wonderful recipe. I will ask her if I can share it next week with everyone. And then my sweet sister picked up the chia and flax seeds for me. Yay and thanks.
Really, I just wanted to talk about vitamins today. I know if I continue to focus on eating locally sourced food that is at its peak of nutrition, I will reap the benefits more, so I do try. If only avocado trees would grow in my backyard. Dang NC weather. Anyway, as I said multiple times before, please consult your healthcare provider before trying anything I have suggested. I just wanted to start the conversation. What do you do?

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