Welcome to the Light Show

So I’ve mentioned before my adorable nieces and nephews, but in review for those who are new to my blog…I am blessed with five total and two live within two miles of me. Last night I picked up my niece and we stopped by for a quick Mr. Sugarbears hug. She does not have a dog at her house and she likes to call him “her dog” to my delight. I want the children to love dogs, but also know how to approach dogs. My sister and I have both tried to be extra conscientious of how we supervise them together. The children have learned how to feed him and give him treats. It can be a little intimidating having a dog that is 101 pounds in your face when you are three and five years old. It has been joyous watching the three of them bond over the last year. DG, my niece, actually had him shake her hand last night. Woo Hoo. I was so proud of them both.
So after stopping by for a little Mr. Sugarbears time, we stopped for a quick celebratory toy. (I am the aunt, ya’ know) We picked up Chicken Souvlaki, Greek salads and hummus with pita bread to join the rest of the family. I had a lovely dinner with my sister and her mother-in-law, Pat, or Yaya as the kids call her. Obviously, it was an easy clean up with the takeout boxes. I helped the kids take their baths and then we read some stories together. Before, Aunt Shanny was allowed to leave, the kids told me they had a Light Show for me. I was more than intrigued. The kids turned off the lights and told my sister and I to close our eyes, while they prepared. All of a sudden we were told to open our eyes and they were artistically dancing and tumbling with balls of light in their hands. (the lighted balls were apparently a leftover from mom’s tablescape for St. Patty’s Day). Sometimes I just can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the love I have for my family. Last night, was one of those “sometimes” moments, especially hearing the angelic voices say, “Aunt Shanny, Welcome to the Light Show”.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Light Show

  1. Kids really are the cutest when they are doing something creative like that. And, I admire your niece for not being afraid of Mr Sugarbears. Bigger dogs intimidate me, even today. 🙂

    1. I am always so appreciative that I have the honor of watching them grow and do these types of things. And I am very proud of the babies and how they respond to my baby Sugarbears. 🙂

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