Do you remember the days of pen pals? When I was growing up we used to have pen pals. I would get so excited when I would receive new stationery. Back then it was a special gift to receive a box of fine paper and/or a special Cross pen for writing. I was especially fond of my Camp Don Lee stationery with the red and blue sail boat. I loved to write letters. In fact, I still do. Not just the written letters of correspondence and love, but the email variety, too. I always encourage the penned letter. No one can deny the feeling of excitement in receiving the 5×7 or 4×6 standard size card with a handwritten address in the snail mail. It’s a pleasant reminder of the human touch amidst the Rooms to Go and Rent for Life papers.
Tonight I met for dinner a blogging friend and her husband. I have grown fond/close to my fellow blogger simply from my love of her writing and the genuine kindness and support she seems to illuminate in her life and writing. Her blog is and well worth a visit. Her words are pure, dark and wholesome-all at the same time. That’s what makes it so good. I was very excited to meet her face to face tonight if for no other reason to tell her how much she rocked. The three of us met for dinner at the Print Works Bistro in Greensboro and enjoyed a beautiful Rose with gazpacho, a frisee salad, a tomato tart, cheddar gougeres, Seared Scallops over black rice and spinach and Steak frites. The food and the company were perfect. I was enchanted by Andra and her husband MTM. It’s funny how I can still feel the tickles of anticipation, like I did when I was in middle school when meeting new friends. The build up is almost intolerable, but the reveal is almost always even better than imagined. As was the case for my thoughts on meeting Andra and MTM in person. I had a really lovely time and look forward to future dinners with them both. It just goes to show that you can get entirely too worked up when you start expecting. What should you expect when you are expecting; hopefully the best, because life is too short not to make each moment the best it can be. >Image

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