Saturday night we met our super, sweet friends, Todd and Bekah for dinner at the Eddy. They are expecting their first child in about a week and going out to dinner with them could be pretty rare for a while, so we were excited to have a night out with them. It’s also pretty funny to watch her laugh right now. Those giggles do wondrous things to a belly with a 9 month old baby inside. I think we scared the staff a little. It was raining off and on outside and seeing her standing in a puddle freaked out everyone. It was pretty funny to me. Granted it could have happened. We were prepared and had a mad dash plan, just in case. The Wilhelm Brothers were playing at 8pm and Bekah told us that Pandora had just picked up one of their songs. I was really excited for them! They reminded me a little of Mumford and Sons. Check them out sometime.
We were in Saxpahaw and they had street vendors and food trucks, too. If we had not already planned on dinner at The Eddy, we would have just hit the food trucks. The aroma from the food trucks was very enticing.
The menu at The Eddy is superb. They only serve locally sourced food and it really does make a lot of difference. To start we had a few apps: the cheese plate and the hummus and baba ghanoush plate. Can you see the fuschia belly in the background? Awesome.
I had the porch chop with peach glaze and blue cheese potato croquettes for my main entree. Yummy! Of course the beer selection was pretty awesome, too.
And of course, why not have dessert? I mean, how could anyone resist the Tres Leches cake? Well, I couldn’t and I didn’t share either. 🙂
Of course the best part is always sharing an evening with my B. 07
Saxpahaw is a hip little town with lots of great local food and history. Check out Saxpahaw and The Eddy sometime. It’s happenin’.
Here’s the link for The Eddy’s facebook page-https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Eddy-Pub/101614926573669>
and this one is for The Wilhelm Brothers -http://www.thewilhelmbrothers.com/

6 thoughts on “Saxpahaw is Happening

  1. So glad you guys got Bekah and Todd out before the big day. There are lots of casseroles and take out in their future:)

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