We all have them.  I have a ridiculously long list of “to do” projects.   Some people organize them and write them down, others type them onto a spreadsheet, and others just have a mental list.  I pretty much have an ongoing list composed of all three types of lists mentioned.  For instance, we bought our present home a little over 5 years ago and the house and yard list are enormous.  My husband and I both enjoy the process of taking an older home and making it better.  We started with gutting the kitchen the first year and that took about two years to complete.  The problem is we both work full-time, do side work and get distracted with a million other small projects while we are working on one.  It’s kind of crazy, but it works for us.  While the kitchen renovation was going on, we added on a screened in porch.  This is my favorite place to be, only second to the cottage.  We have replaced some of the windows, all of the blinds, and I have painted some rooms more than twice trying to get the perfect color, and I am still not there yet.  Last night my husband replaced our hideous mailbox that was bent and difficult to open and close.  Bryan said he waited in the house for the mailman to pull up, just so he could witness the ease of his job now at our house.  We imagine he cursed us privately every time he pulled up.  Here it is-mind you we still have landscaping to do around it, but it’s almost a complete check on my list.



Monday night I went over to my sister’s house and we worked a little on her list.  We painted her upstairs hallway a beautiful navy and decoupaged canvases of her children to hang there. Here are the results of that project:
and the hallway completed with new paint and pictures:
We had more stumps removed out of our backyard this week and now have a clear area to start the car port and garage. Thank goodness. The saga of the trees and the stumps has been going on the whole time we have lived in our home. When we bought our home the backyard was full of trees that were not healthy and the ivy and trees all leaned towards the house. Each year we have removed trees and removed stumps and we are finally done with that part. It’s a huge relief. My husband has dreams of renting a back hoe and moving the earth around in dramatic ways. Not me, I just want it cleaned up and the fenced replaced for Mr. Sugarbears. Don’t get me wrong, whatever he does will be beautiful. I am just not that ambitious when it comes to the yard. The house is a different story. We still have to renovate two bathrooms. That will most likely start late fall. We have replaced most of the carpet with hardwood floors, for aesthetics and for cleanliness. Mr. Sugarbears is a shedder. Really my point of all of this is that my lists also contain my dreams. It’s not just the projects at home that keep my mind going one hundred miles per hour. It’s the dreams of how I need to shape my life in other ways. I want to write more. I want to contribute more. I should be more philanthropic with my life. Am I doing enough? No, I am not. So I am going to work on making a better “life-to do” list. Yep, that’s what is going on in my world right now. I am just working on my list.

5 thoughts on “Working on my List

  1. I learned after 20 years in our home that there will forever be a to do list!!! We have done a lot to our house but there is always more and something new. It’s not good for those of us who need to scratch off items off our list and see them all completed because that will never happen! It’s great how even replacing a mailbox can be so rewarding. 🙂 Sounds like you are both motivated to keep working. 🙂

    1. We have a really good time walking around and looking at what we have accomplished. I wish more was done to older homes and less new homes were built. It makes me so sad to see houses falling apart, especially with so many homeless today. Thanks, as always for stopping by my corner of the blogosphere, sweet Maria! 🙂

  2. I love the way the hallway turned out.

    I’ve started making lists for the next day every evening before I got to bed. Sort of a ‘strategic thinking about the coming day’ thing. It’s too early yet to tell whether I am really getting anything meaningful done, but I think the important thing is being mindful and making an effort.

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