My brother-in-law just returned from a month-long trip in South Africa.  He volunteers with Dustin’s Greenhouse in Greensboro.  They were on a service learning trip.  To read more about the wonderful work of this organization…  I can just tell you that I am proud to have him in my family and I am so very thankful he’s home safe with my sister and the kids.  I drove my sister, the kids and his mom to pick him up from the airport on Friday.  You can imagine the emotion in the car and of course when the kids saw their dad.  I am so thankful that I could witness the arrival of the group returning.



So we all took off for the beach after he came home and caught up with each other.  It’s winter in South Africa right now, so the beach felt extra nice to my brother-in-law.  We set up camp early Saturday morning on one of our favorite beaches.



We introduced him to our new boat toy, also. The Gladiator is awesome.  The kids practiced all morning their skills.



The finale was this ride.


Welcome Home!

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