This week has been crazy and I was so excited about my 100th post that I felt I must really think about the content.  I decided to commit my week to being the best Shannon that I could be.  So, I took food to a family that just brought home their beautiful baby.  I met up with special friends.  I listened to a friend in need and tried to give good advice.  I went to a retirement home to visit a lovely friend of mine who is 98 years old and took her doughnuts and painted her fingernails.  Tonight I am going to help a friend get an order ready for shipment.  They may just make room for me in heaven after all. What I realized last night is that my smile was bigger.  My body felt lighter and I was possibly the happiest I have been in a while.  I really do love life and I try my best to make each day as wonderful as it can be, but being a better person….that’s where the real happiness comes in.  And after listening to my 98-year-old friend telling me yesterday how much she was ready to get out with her boyfriend and dance overflowed my cup.  Life is good!  Have a cupcake and dance today!


10 thoughts on “My 100th Post!

  1. Beautiful, I love Estelle and I’m so glad you’re having a great week by helping others. Have a lovely day big sister.

    1. Thanks Lynne! That means so much coming from you! You have such a positive outlook on life! I love also. It’s fantastic. I loved the barn wedding you had this weekend on your property. Amazeballs-as you would say. 🙂

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