Neighborhood Watch

Shortly after we bought our home it was broken into. I will never forget the call from my husband telling me that he was waiting for the police and that Mr. Sugarbears was okay. Mr. Sugarbears was so upset. I think he felt as though he had let us down. I still agonize thinking of what the intruders may have done to my precious Mr. Sugarbears. He cowered for weeks after the break-in with every sound he heard outside. Of course, my husband, the original Sugarbear, went about making our house like Fort Knox after the incident. It takes something way more precious than material goods away from you when your home is broken into. It brings about feelings of fear and anger. It’s just not good.
When I started blogging I thought it would be a place for me to spit out thoughts and ideas and hopefully ignite something inside me to get back into writing. What I did not expect was the friendships I would make with so many people online. I didn’t expect to have so many feelings for people who I had never met before, but I certainly do. I read their comments and their blogs and I cry and laugh with each moment of joy, fear, anger and resolve. My emotions are all over the place. I want to encourage the writer who needs to be told that they are good. I want to hug the writer who is dealing with loss and sickness. I want to thank each one of you that stops by my blog and lifts me up each day. Thank you. I feel a little like Mr. Sugarbears and his neighborhood watch. I am watching and reading and wanting for more. Your stories have enriched my life. Your comments give me more reason to smile and share happiness with others.
These days, Mr. Sugarbears keeps a close watch on the neighborhood and I am thankful. There’s not much better than being greeted by my watch dog. I love hearing him run from upstairs to greet me at the door. Just know I am running to my computer everyday to keep my daily watch on you guys, too.

12 thoughts on “Neighborhood Watch

  1. This was so well put. And I agree with everything you said about your blog. I didn’t expect to make friends, I didn’t expect to have the feels over someone else and what they are going through.

    Wrong! And I am so glad I was. 🙂

  2. Well put ! I look forward to reading your posts each week and they always stir such emotion in me. One day you will
    Inspire me to tell me tales 🙂

      1. You are so inspirational and such a great writer! Maybe one day I may conquer my fear, until then I will live vicariously thru you!

    1. Thanks Andra. Your comment just made my night. :). I hope your writing is going really great right now. I have so much anticipation for reading your next preview. 🙂 no pressure. Hugs to you.

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