Desire and Anticipation

When I first wake up in the morning I say a little prayer for the day. I ask that work goes smoothly, that my friends and family have really amazing days and that their health is good. I also pray that I present my best self during the day. This is my desire. Sometimes I haven’t even left the house when I feel I am already failing. It’s a constant fight. Sometimes it’s the “dwelling” that gets me the most. You know, the thoughts that enter your mind of failure and anger and disappointment. I fight those terrible thoughts and most often win, but it still can be a struggle to beat them. This morning was especially hard because I knew Mr. Sugarberas was sad.
I will never truly know what Mr. Sugarbears is thinking, but I like to think we communicate well with each other. This morning I found him in the guest room longingly looking out at the park. I imagine he was dreaming of all of the adventures we could have at the park today. Sadly, I had to go to work and he truly looked depressed. I gave him lots of attention and even his favorite sweet potato treats, but he just pouted. Tonight I have got to do something extra special with the baby. My heart aches to see him in need. So when I get off work I am just going to give Sugie a little extra attention and get out and about with him. Maybe we’ll go see some of his friends. It’s been a tough week for him. We haven’t had a lot of play time. I need to see his tail wagging.
Don’t get me wrong, Mr. Sugarbears lives a lavish life of treats, hugs and having full reign of our home all the time,but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t lonely. My husband and I both go home at lunch most days, too. I know it sounds ridiculous, but we don’t have children and he is our baby. I wonder if he needs a rescue buddy. Maybe he is longing for a full time friend. Hmmmm.

8 thoughts on “Desire and Longing

  1. A playmate might be good for him. Or some scheduled ‘you’ time, though I know that can be a challenge. Bring Mr Sugarbears down to visit us. We have a park across the street. And beaches. 🙂

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