Now That's a Show

My sister’s mother-in-law, Pat, was super awesome and took me to see the Blue Man group yesterday. My sister and her husband were with us and we had “flat Lulu”, too. Pat’s daughter was supposed to be home for the last week and things fell through for her visit. It was her ticket that I won by default, orchestra seating. Woo Hoo! Thanks Pat! We were all pretty devastated that we would not be seeing our sweet Lyndsay or Lulu, as the kids have dubbed her, so we took “flat Lulu” with us to the show. My sister had her picture mounted so we could take her. It was hilarious to watch Pat walking around with “flat Lulu”. One of the Blue Men even kissed her.
I had never seen the Blue Man group perform, but like most people, I knew a little about what they did. My husband is a drummer and he told me I would be impressed with the percussion skills, and I was. They create sound out of the most interesting items; for one, PVC pipes. They are incredibly talented musicians. The audience is really made to be a part of the show which is something I am not used to, but loved. I never went to a Gallagher show or a Rocky Horror show, so I was not used to this type of interaction. They went into the audience multiple times and twice took an audience member onto the stage. They sent large air balloons out into the audience while simultaneously having an incredible light show. The music was amazing. The theatrics were incredible. I had a lot of booty shaking moments. After the show the Blue Men and band were all out in the lobby to sign posters and take pictures. They stayed in character and still kept their straight faces regardless of my giggling. It was a really amazing day with the best company. Blue Man Group…Now that’s a show!

4 thoughts on “Now That’s a Show

  1. How fun to take “Lulu” with you! BTW, that’s what we call my sister. 🙂 Sounds like a blast. I know people who have been chosen to go up on stage and they almost died of embarrassment. Glad you enjoyed it.

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