Finding Solace

I have always found comfort from the water. Many people do. I no longer live by the sea, but my family still has a beautiful home on the water that I visit often. I love when we drive over the first bridge on the way. I look to my right and to my left and I see water. It is still nearly an hour away from our destination, but I can smell it and I immediately breathe in as deep as I can and then I exhale really slowly. The comfort of that moment is indescribable. It’s truly extraordinary to me. An hour or so later when we pull onto the path that leads down to the water I feel anxious. I am anxious to get out of the car and sit on the porch with a beer and just look and smell and hear the water. It replenishes my soul. I normally don’t last long the first night, partly from the long day of work and ride to get there, but I think also because of the consoling of the water. I feel my shoulders fall from the uptight position they keep most of the week. I feel the relief of my mind shutting off and finding peace. I turn on the window unit-air conditioner and crawl into my bed with the weight of the world lifted and the downiness of my pillow pulls me in. I drift into a sleep that I cannot seem to replicate anywhere else. When I wake I rush to the window to see my river. I need it. I brush my teeth and gather my things and run to the pier. Take me somewhere boat. Take me somewhere on the water. Let’s spend the day together. This is where I find my solace.

9 thoughts on “Finding Solace

  1. That’s funny, I look forward to that first bridge too. Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend, sweet sister of mine. PS – the presents were a huge hit. DG is now newly re-obsessed with the littlest pet shop and my little ponies took a backseat for the first time in weeks. Jeremiah’s trucks were awesome, he slept with them.

  2. I have always felt the most peace in water. Pool water (assuming there aren’t a ton of people) or the ocean. The best BEST BEST thing in the world is to go out in the ocean about to your shoulders. Lay back reach out your arms, and close your eyes. And let the ocean take you along for a short ride. The rocking, the hush in my water filled ears, the sun on my face and arms. The best.

    **Caution. When trying this little zen move make sure you aren’t out there with a ton of waves. You will, I repeat YOU WILL get salt water up your nose. That junk hurts. BAD. The Zen Killer I call it.

      1. It is like (And sorry for this) you are one with the world. It is about the only time I really feel that way. It is peaceful and calming, and all around wonderful.

        LOVE the ocean. Except the things I step on. They can all bugger off. (((Shudder)))

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