It's Been A Good Tasting Week

I have a couple of favorite places that I like to buy my wine in town. The first being at my local Co-Op market. They have a pretty good selection of wine and as a member of the Co-op I prefer to shop there and support my local farmers. They have been consistently running the Grayson Cellars 2011 Zinfandel on sale for a couple of weeks now for 11.99 per bottle. It’s quite lovely. Grayson Cellars is owned by Mike O’Connell and this wine has an average rating of about 82 points. It has notes of raspberry, strawberry, hints of black pepper and cinnamon. I have been eating hand-fulls of dark chocolate and fontina cheese with glasses of this. Yummy.
Another favorite local wine shop is West Burlington Wine Company. Bob is the owner of this shop and he’s quite knowledgeable of wine and beer. He hosts a free wine tasting every Friday and he always introduces me to something new and yummy. Tonight he is featuring a Cameron Hughes 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon and a 2010 Chardonnay. I went by after work last night to pick up a couple of bottles of the cab. It’s awesome with notes of blackberry, black cherry, blueberry and spice. It has an average rating of 88.4. It’s on sale for 17.99 per bottle today so it’s not the cheapest bottle, but I thought it was lovely. I saw a lot of notes from other wine lovers suggesting that this bottle should be aged longer, so I am putting one away to try at a later date. I may just decant it for a while and see what happens. I have a Rose in the fridge right now that is getting ready for some boat time tonight. Overall it’s been a good tasting week.

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