The Perfect Ending

I am a lover of the seasons. Each season has something special to offer. Normally, I have grown tired of the weather and I embrace the change of season. This year has been an interesting one for seasons. This past winter lasted a little too long and spring seemed to have lasted most of the summer. Sadly, summer was brief this year. What little we had this year was full of rain. We had so much rain that our farmers have really suffered. When I walked outside to leave work last night it was chilly. It’s a hard adjustment for me. I arrived home from work to find that my sweet Bryan had started a fire for us. After we had dinner I cuddled up in front of the fire in my comfy chair and opened up my book. Mr. Sugarbears climbed onto his bed and almost immediately fell asleep. The fire was the perfect ending to the day. Thanks B.

4 thoughts on “The Perfect Ending

    1. Our forecast is predicting the same, but in the seventies with rain for the weekend. Boo. I am praying for no rain on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I have tickets to the Beer festival and then an outside festival that night. Sunday I am supposed to take engagement photos of one of my close friends…outside. EEEK! (I am so glad you are back-I missed you)

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