Last night I met up with “The Debs” for a quick manicure followed by a visit to Cork and Cow.  We met at our favorite nail salon after work, but we were thwarted by four adorable children celebrating a birthday with pedicures.  It was crazy adorable.  Of course I knew them all from church and wished them a great time while I told my friend we would have a little too long of a wait, so we went to another salon.  It was fine and honestly seeing the girls lined up for pedicures was well worth the change of venue.  After having my crackly cuticles manicured and massaged we stepped over to Cork and Cow.   Cork and Cow has live music on Thursday nights.  Last night they featured Joel Hodnett.  Joel Hodnett is a NC musician who just released his first single, “The River”  It’s a .99 cent buy.  Do it.  It’s well spent money.  This guy played two awesome sets for the crowd last night.  His precious wife was quietly sipping on a glass of red while we all cheered on.  He quite often talked about his love for her and it made me love him more.  



We enjoyed 2 red flights of wine and a wonderful cheese plate.  It was a perfect evening spent listening to great music, sipping on some exquisite wine in the company of an amazing woman.  



Perhaps the second flight was a bit much for a week night, but the music was so good that it taunted us to stay and drink more. šŸ™‚  I know…excuses, excuses.  Cork and Cow always provides a great selection for their flights of wine and their wine by the glass which just makes it all the more enticing and I don’t always make enough time for one-on-one time with my friends.  Shame on me.  I spend so much time trying to make sure that I include everyone that I don’t always have special, quality time with them.  I should.  I am blessed with incredible friends.  Last night it was nice just to have fun with “The Debs”.  

5 thoughts on “Fun with “The Debs”

  1. Very nice, Shannon! What a night. Getting pampered, then serenaded, then some great wine with some great company. It does not get better than that! Enjoy your weekend even if it rains a bit. šŸ˜¦

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