First stop-The Carousel Festival

This year was the best I have ever attended!  The music was divine!  We had two full days of amazing bands!  The food and craft vendors were pretty great, too.

Second stop-The Co-Hops Festival downtown

This was the second year that the Company Shop has hosted this event and my first year being able to attend.  It was so much fun.  



There were quite a few rows of NC beers to sample!  I was unable to taste them all.  The turn out for vendors was really stellar.  After you tasted the beers, your ticket allowed you to “mix-a-six” pack to take home or one growler of your favorite.



My absolute favorite for the day was a special blend that Natty Greene’s made just to test out on us-Hibiscus+Ginger Wildflower Wit.  I hope that it will receive the same reviews from others because I would like them to bottle that one.  So good!

I was really happy to taste and take home some of my local favorites, like Red Oak.  Yummy! You really can’t go wrong with a Red Oak beer.




I was really happy with my six pack.



My last stop for the day was at the Kudzu Festival.  A local family started this grand tradition and it is such a privilege to attend.  It’s a huge potluck of yummy food and drink.  They usually have a great band, but sadly the band was a “no-show” this year.  I may have eaten my weight in food.  Just kidding.  Dang it was good though.  Have you ever had a pickle slathered in cream cheese and wrapped in prosciutto and then sliced into a round?  Sounds crazy.  It is.  Try it.  I was hesitant, but tried it anyway.  It did not disappoint.  The family that hosts the party is really cool. I guess that’s obvious-they have a festival annually at their home every year.

2 thoughts on “Three Festivals in One Day!!

  1. WOW! Once again, I want to live with you!!! So much fun and activities to enjoy. There are activities here also, but I don’t tend to seek them out. Maybe once my nest is completely empty, hubster and I will venture out. It does not appear that the rain got in the way for you. 🙂

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