Birthday Dinner at Momma's House

My family spoiled me for my birthday. Momma had the family over Saturday night to officially celebrate my birthday. I promise to make this my last post about my birthday. My mom made 2 extra large lasagnas with fresh basil from her yard included in the recipe. Yummy! Of course she had garlic bread to go along with the meal. My sweet, baby sister made me a super, delicious strawberry cake and my niece chose the “sprinkles” design of the heart with a crown on top. We had one of my favorite California reds to drink with dinner. Freakshow from Michael David vineyards is so good and went extremely well with the lasagna. I am going to up my workouts this week to try and offset my week of decadence. Boo to that, but so worth it. It just doesn’t feel like my birthday until I have had dinner at momma’s house.

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